Commercial Real Estate Loans


Alternative Funding for Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Liberty Capital Funding specializes in helping property investors and business owners secure financing when they are ineligible to get traditional loans from banks. From purchase money to cash-out refinances, whether it’s funding for different commercial property types or residential portfolio investment and rehab, Liberty Capital is your ideal choice.

Our Services

We have partnered with a wide spectrum of commercial lenders, and these sources think outside of the box to offer the best solutions. With their funds, we are able to create loan programs for most situations or property types that are not suitable for conventional loan programs.

These solutions range from short-term bridge loans with interest-only payments to ones that are competitive with bank rates and terms. After a thorough assessment and consultation, Liberty Capital Funding will work to match your commercial real estate capital needs with the most appropriate lending source from our vast national lending network.

Situations Where Non-Bank Lenders Are Your Best Option

  • The owner’s credit does not meet the standards of traditional lenders.
  • The borrower’s business is in need of capital quickly.
  • The property type is not desired by traditional lenders (e.g. self-storage facilities, mixed-use buildings, automotive repair shops, gas stations, restaurants, hospitality, and many more).
  • A loan is ballooning, and the borrower might not have time to try to secure a bank loan.
  • The property needs renovation.
  • The property occupancy is too low for traditional lenders.
  • The borrower has issues verifying their income or has no operating income.
  • The borrower has Internal Revenue Service (IRS) debt.
  • The borrower must move quickly in order to secure the desired property at bargain-based prices.

Features and Benefits Offered by Our Lenders

  • Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratios Up to 80%
  • Amortization Up to 30 Years
  • No Loan Covenants
  • Cash-Out Refinances
  • Loan Amounts as Low as $100K for Commercial Real Estate
  • Loans for Residential Investment, Including Construction, Fix-and-Flip, and Portfolios of Rental Properties
  • Common Sense Underwriting
  • Fast Closings
  • No Bank Depository Accounts Required